Why You Need to Hire a Properety Management Company

For real estate investors, the decision of whether to enlist the services of a property management company is a critical one. As seasoned investors will attest, the benefits of having a proficient property management partner far outweigh the perceived drawbacks. In this comprehensive guide, Stayhost will explain the essential functions of property management companies, the tasks they handle, the advantages they offer, and crucial considerations before making this investment.

What Is Property Management?

Property management is a strategic practice wherein a third party takes on the responsibility of maintaining a residence’s status quo and addressing the concerns of its occupants. Property managers are typically hired by rental property owners to oversee the day-to-day operations of their real estate assets. These professionals are well-versed in managing various property types, including single-family homes, vacation rentals, condos, apartments, and commercial spaces.

Key Tasks of Property Management Companies:

Rent Collection

One of the primary responsibilities of property management companies is the seamless collection of rent from tenants. While this may seem straightforward, the efficient and timely collection of rent is crucial for the financial well-being of property owners.

Maintenance Coordination

Dealing with tenant maintenance requests is a significant driver for investors to engage property management services. Property managers act as intermediaries, handling both routine and emergency maintenance calls, ensuring the property remains in optimal condition.

Dealing with Defaulting Tenants

Property managers are equipped to address defaulting tenants, whether they are behind on rent or violating lease agreements. They navigate the legal complexities and work towards resolutions, saving property owners time and stress.

Tenant Sourcing

A property management company takes charge of advertising, showing units, and screening potential tenants. Their expertise in tenant selection contributes to securing quality occupants, enhancing the overall experience for property owners.


While bookkeeping may be the least enjoyable aspect for most investors, it is critical for minimizing taxes and maintaining positive cash flow. Property management companies often include bookkeeping services, ensuring financial matters are handled professionally.

Lease Execution

Property managers are responsible for drafting and executing leases. Their expertise ensures that lease agreements are comprehensive, protecting the interests of property owners.

Benefits of Hiring a Property Management Company:

Time Savings

By entrusting property management tasks to professionals, investors free up valuable time that can be devoted to acquiring more rental properties or focusing on other aspects of their business.

Liability Mitigation

A property management company acts as a buffer, deflecting false accusations from tenants. This is particularly beneficial for inexperienced investors who may face challenges related to rent collection tactics, eviction practices, and maintenance issues.

Quality Tenants

Drawing on their experience, property management companies excel at identifying and securing quality tenants. A strong tenant base contributes to a positive rental property experience for owners.

Shorter Vacancies

Property managers not only advertise to fill vacancies but do so with urgency and efficiency. Their expertise in the market allows for quicker tenant turnover, reducing the length of vacancies and increasing overall profitability.

Lower Maintenance Costs

Working with reputable property management firms provides investors access to a network of professional contractors. This can lead to cost savings on maintenance, as property managers have established relationships with trusted service providers.

Better Reviews

Tenants often prefer working with property managers due to the smoother processes they provide. Satisfied tenants are more likely to leave positive reviews, contributing to a positive reputation for the property and attracting more prospective tenants.

Factors to Consider Before Hiring a Property Management Company: 

Cost Considerations

Property owners need to weigh the cost of property management, which typically ranges from 8% to 12% of the monthly rent. Understanding the value provided by a property management company is crucial in justifying this investment.

Thorough Vetting and Interviewing

Not all property management companies are created equal. It’s essential to thoroughly vet potential partners, considering factors beyond average fees. Conducting interviews, seeking testimonials, and talking to current clients are vital steps in the selection process.

Identifying Specific Needs

Property owners should identify specific needs and criteria they have for a property management company. Whether it’s a focus on communication, market expertise, or specialized services, these criteria will guide the selection process.


In conclusion, the decision to hire a property management company is a strategic investment rather than a mere expense. The time saved, liability mitigated, and overall efficiency gained through professional property management can significantly impact the success and growth of a real estate portfolio. By understanding the tasks, benefits, and considerations involved, investors can make informed decisions that align with their goals and ensure the optimal performance of their rental properties.

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